Sunday, July 5, 2020

Congratulations to Northampton Bridge Club Players Who Advanced in Rank

(reported by ACBL 04/01/20 - 07/01/20)


Andrew M Batchelor, Northampton MA


Kathy M Meyer, Amherst MA


Sally H Zigmond, Amherst MA


Dr Robert Leitch, Amherst MA
Dr Alan Peterfreund, Amherst MA


Richard D McClure, Easthampton MA
Susan K McCoy, Amherst MA


Dr Robert J Sagor, Greenfield MA

Monday, June 29, 2020

Congratulations To Our New GOLD Life Master Bob Sagor

Congratulations to Bob Sagor who attained his Gold Life Master (2500 MPs)! Bob has managed to find time to play while getting our online games up and running and continuing to offer support to members and Directors. While we can’t throw him a party to celebrate this achievement, please congratulate him if you “see” him at the bridge table.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Play Virtual Bridge Club Games on BBO

The ACBL and BBO have purged all club eligible players lists of every name that has been manually added. What this means is that TONIGHT (June 23), every person who has asked to be made eligible for our game is no longer eligible unless Bob adds them again.
  • The club has NOT changed its eligibility requirements
  • HOWEVER, if you are not a member of the Northampton Club, the Greenfield Club, or the Pembury Club, and you want to play in our game, you need to be manually re-added to our eligible list
  • “Guests” or their partners, need to email Bob,, with their BBO names so he can manually add them. This should be done so that the game can start on time with all interested players properly registered.

 Club Names    RESULTS Contact Person 
 Northampton  Schedule   ACBL / CommonGame 
 Pembury   Schedule    ACBL / CommonGame
 Hartford   Schedule   ACBL / CommonGame 
* Nearby clubs are listed here for your convenience.

* Good News: The Northampton Bridge Club Board has decided to reduce the price of our BBO games to $4.00 starting June 23.

  1. All Northampton members are allowed to play in all Pembury Bridge Club games, All Pembury Members are allowed to play in Northampton games.
  2. If you are registering for either Northampton or Pembury for the first time (you or your partner) then PLEASE register early. Do not wait till 15 minutes before game and find you cannot register. It’s a perfectly imperfect system. The best approach is to register 2 hours before start of event. Go offline if you want to, and come back 15 minutes before start time.
  3. If you do receive "Blocked" message when registering then the best approach is to email me both you and your partners BBO usernames ASAP. For Pembury games, email For Northampton games, email

  • To avoid accidentally putting in wrong bids, you can turn the "Confirm bids" on. To set that, login to BBO, click the "Account" tab, then click "Settings". Look under "Playing", and turn "Confirm bids" on. With that turned on, after each bid, you will need to click "OK" to commit your bid. If you notice a mistake on the bid before clicking "OK", you can just select a different bid.
  • What does the number next to a player name mean? In short, it is the total points the player earned on BBO (this includes ACBL master points and BBO points). To find detailed answer, click on your name button and then click the "Masterpoints" button. From there click "What's this". But please do not let a high number intemidate you because many good players have low numbers because they have just started playing on BBO. Just play your game with your partner and ignore the numbers.
  • How do I look at opponents’ cards? Convention cards are available in the blue button with 3 lines during play. You click the opposite direction (I.e. if you are N/S then you want to select E/W convention card).
  • What is the proper way to ask opponents to explain their bid? To ask about a particular bid you just need to select it during the bidding. It will prompt opponent who bid it to describe it or describe it further. This prevents cross talk in chat box. (I.e. your opponent bids 2h and you like to know what it means, just click the 2h bid) (I.e. if description not adequate or confusing. Click it again)
  • How to Alert my own bid? Click on the ALERT button in the bidding box area, just below where you select your bid. You should do this BEFORE selecting your actual bid. You can enter an explanation for the bid on the line next to the ALERT button. AFTER that, you enter your bid in the usual way. The alert (and explanation) are conveyed to your opponents, but not to your partner.
  • How to explain your own bid: Click on a bid that YOU have made, and a box will appear where you can enter information about that bid, which will be conveyed to your opponents.
  • Since there is no risk of conveying information to partner, the online culture is to give significantly more explanations to your opponents that you might have done face-to face. Even bids you think your opponents ought to understand, and which might not be alertable normally, might be worth a word or two of explanation (e.g. "5+ spades", or "11-15 hcp", or "negative"). Ethical players are forthcoming about their agreements, and don't wait to be asked.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Virtual BBO Northampton Bridge Club Games

Northampton Bridge club is offering two games per week on BBO (Bridge Base Online)
during the time our games are suspended. Games will be held on Tuesdays at 7 PM and
Wednesday at 1 PM at a cost of $5.00 each.  For those of you familar with BBO the games can be
found under"Competitive", "ACBL Virtual Cubs", "Northamton Bridge Club" and will be available
for registration starting two hours before the start of the game.

Specific instructions for joining BBO and loggin are includrd in an email being sent to
all on our email list. 
If you are unable to access the game, please contact Bob Sagor, Phillippe Galaski or
Shelia Ryan.

Hope to see you at the (virtual) bridge table.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Masterpoint Race, March 2020

Games are CANCELLED Effective March 16!!!
No Games Until Further Notice.
Be Safe and Stay Healthy!
Mar 28, 2020                     Masterpoint race                    Page 1
   1    23.32  Philippe Galaski
   2    17.68  Paul Bacon
   3    12.05  Roger Webb
   4    11.08  Jan Nettler
   5    10.95  Yan Drabek
   6    10.15  Judy Hyde
   7     8.55  Bob Leitch
   8     8.47  Barry LaFlam
   9     7.75  John DeBaggis
  10     7.72  James Nowill
  11     7.72  Jim Kronholm
  12     7.05  John Sedgwick
  13     6.95  Timothy Joder
  14     6.65  Susan McCoy
  15     5.69  Sheila Ryan
  16     5.59  Alan Frank
  17     5.39  Liz Hildebrandt
  18     5.15  Alan Peterfreund
  19     5.12  Charles Jackson
  20     5.00  James Osofsky
  21     4.93  Robert Sagor
  22     4.91  Markus Wagner
  23     4.83  George Abbott
  24     4.53  Evalyn Glickman
  25     4.34  Liz Lincoln
  26     4.06  Alice Shearer
  27     3.91  Mort Sternheim
  28     3.91  Helen Sternheim
  29     3.30  Steve Peck
  30     3.19  Jeannie Jones
  31     3.19  Susan Lantz
  32     2.66  Motoko Oinaga
  33     2.60  Kathy Meyer
  34     2.60  Betty Jacobson
  35     2.48  Marlene Myers
  36     2.20  James Hastings
  37     1.97  Barbara M Scher
  38     1.91  Arlene Nolan
  39     1.86  Muriel Dane
  40     1.68  James Kaplan
  41     1.56  Richard McClure
  42     1.49  Barbara Symborski
  43     1.47  Judith Larsen
  44     1.46  Evelyn Chesky
  45     1.43  Michael Starr
  46     1.25  Raj Kumar
  47     1.25  Krishna Kumar
  48     1.18  Anita Goddard
  49     1.16  Robert Steinberg
  50     1.11  Andy Batchelor
  51     1.11  Tim Bakker-Norton
  52     1.10  Paul Aronson
  53     1.10  Maud Fischer
  54     1.09  Leo Sartori
  55     0.97  Joan Laird
  56     0.97  Chris Hurn
  57     0.85  Fran Becker
  58     0.85  Mike Becker
  59     0.73  Paul Koerner
  60     0.73  Brooks Robards
  61     0.64  Marlyn Jabaily
  62     0.60  Phylis Greenfield
  63     0.57  Allison Ryan
  64     0.56  Michael Ramella
  65     0.53  Eva Cashdan
  66     0.53  Sheldon Cashdan
  67     0.51  Teresa Sedgwick
  68     0.40  Jan Carmien
  69     0.40  Barbara Welch
  70     0.40  Sonja Smith
  71     0.35  Kate Spencer
  72     0.33  Karen A. French
  73     0.24  Stanley Mullton
  74     0.09  Stanley Moulton

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

You Can Earn Black Masterpoints on BBO

Starting Thursday, March 19, daily at 5 p.m. Eastern time, ACBL members can play with any other ACBL member in a specially created game on BBO and earn black masterpoints®. When you play in one of these games, the majority of your table fees will be given back to your club. This way, you can help to support your club while also having the opportunity to win black masterpoints. Please note that this is a temporary solution to what is hopefully a temporary problem.

The daily games are offered at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. Playing as a partnership on BBO is just a few clicks away:

  • Simply log into your BBO account (you will need to create one if you don’t already have one)
  • Click on “ACBL World”
  • Click on “Support Your Club ACBL Black Point Game”
  • You can read BBO’s instructions online.
For more information, click here to see the ACBL “SUPPORT YOUR CLUB GAME” FAQ.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Game Results - Mar 11 2020

Games are CANCELLED Effective March 16!!!
No Games Until At Least April 6 following Gov. Baker's directives!
The board will reassess the situation then. Please check back soon.
Be Healthy!

ACBL Live Results
CommonGame Results
Board  2 pair 4 - Drabek & Sedgwick vs 7 - DeBaggis & Hyde
   The result was entered for the wrong side. It should be 2S by W making 2 +110 for EW, not 2S by S.
Board 26 pair 1 - Glickman & Nettler vs 2 - Spencer & Ryan
   The contract was entered wrong. It should be 4C by S making 6 +170 for NS, not 4D by S.

Wednesday Afternoon Pairs Wednesday Aft Session March 11, 2020
Scores after  7 rounds  Average:   70.0      Section  A  North-South
Pair    Pct   Score      Section Rank      MPs     
                         A     B     C  
  4   67.29   94.20  A   1                0.70(A)  Yan Drabek - John Sedgwick
  5   57.86   81.00  A   2                0.49(A)  Paul Bacon - Philippe Galaski
  1   49.50   69.30  A   3                0.35(A)  Evalyn Glickman - Jan Nettler
  3   47.36   66.30  C         1     1    0.24(B)  Jan Carmien - Barbara Welch
  2   40.80   57.12  B                             Maud Fischer - Paul Aronson
  6   36.21   50.70  C                             Karen A. French - Arlene Nolan

Wednesday Afternoon Pairs Wednesday Aft Session March 11, 2020
Scores after  7 rounds  Average:   70.0      Section  A  East-West
Pair    Pct   Score      Section Rank      MPs     
                         A     B     C  
  7   58.44   81.81  A   1                0.70(A)  John DeBaggis - Judy Hyde
  3   55.66   77.93  B   2     1          0.49(A)  Bob Leitch - Jim Kronholm
  2   53.50   74.90  B   3     2          0.35(A)  Kate Spencer - Allison Ryan
  4   51.91   72.68  C               1    0.24(C)  Betty Jacobson - Kathy Meyer
  5   44.50   62.30  B                             Barry LaFlam - James Nowill
  6   44.44   62.21  C                             Marlyn Jabaily - Barbara Symborski
  1   41.75   58.45  C                             Jeannie Jones - Susan Lantz

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Game Results - Mar 10, 2020

ACBL Live Results
CommonGame Results
Board 11 pair 2 - Sedgwick & Hastings vs 8 - Mullton & French
   The result was entered for the wrong side. It should be 3N by W making 5 +460 for EW, not 3N by N.

Open Pairs Tuesday Eve Session March 10, 2020
Scores after 14 rounds  Average:   84.0      Section  A
Pair    Pct   Score      Section Rank      MPs     
                         A     B     C  
  2   59.83  100.51  A   1                1.50(A)  John Sedgwick - James Hastings
 10   59.67  100.24  B   2     1          1.05(A)  Barry LaFlam - Yan Drabek
 15   58.12   97.64  A   3                0.75(A)  James Osofsky - Alan Frank
 12   57.69   96.92  A   4                0.53(A)  Judy Hyde - John DeBaggis
 13   56.20   94.41  B   5     2          0.45(B)  Susan McCoy - James Nowill
  4   55.93   93.96  C   6     3     1    0.48(C)  Liz Hildebrandt - George Abbott
  5   50.21   84.36  A                             Paul Bacon - Philippe Galaski
  7   49.33   82.88  A                             Marlene Myers - Muriel Dane
 14   47.86   80.41  C               2    0.34(C)  Robert Steinberg - Paul Koerner
  1   47.33   79.51  A                             Evalyn Glickman - Jan Nettler
  8   46.52   78.16  C                             Stanley Mullton - Karen A. French
  9   43.26   72.67  C                             Ann Wroblewski - Judith Larsen
  3   41.24   69.28  C                             Steve Peck - Motoko Oinaga
  6   40.98   68.84  A                             Roger Webb - Leo Sartori
 11   36.70   61.65  C                             Richard McClure - Allison Ryan