Thursday, April 23, 2020

Play Virtual Bridge Club Games on BBO

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-- I listed our nearby clubs here for your convenience - Yan

  1. All Northampton members are allowed to play in all Pembury Bridge Club games, All Pembury Members are allowed to play in Northampton games.
  2. If you are registering for either Northampton or Pembury for the first time (you or your partner) then PLEASE register early. Do not wait till 15 minutes before game and find you cannot register. It’s a perfectly imperfect system. The best approach is to register 2 hours before start of event. Go offline if you want to, and come back 15 minutes before start time.
  3. If you do receive "Blocked" message when registering then the best approach is to email me both you and your partners BBO usernames ASAP. For Pembury games, email For Northampton games, email

  • To avoid accidentally putting in wrong bids, you can turn the "Confirm bids" on. To set that, login to BBO, click the "Account" tab, then click "Settings". Look under "Playing", and turn "Confirm bids" on. With that turned on, after each bid, you will need to click "OK" to commit your bid. If you notice a mistake on the bid before clicking "OK", you can click "Cancel" and then select a different bid.
  • When you play on BBO, you may see a number next to a player name. What does the number mean? To find the answer, click on your name button and then click the "Masterpoints" button. From there click "What's this". But please do not let a high number intemidate you because many good players have low numbers because they have just started playing on BBO. Just play your game with your partner and ignore the numbers.

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