Saturday, July 25, 2020

Are You Missing Seeing Your Fellow Players?

Our club will start experimenting using Zoom's Breakroom feature when we play our Vitual Club Games. Anyone who is interested in seeing and conversing with other players will need to send Bob Sagor an email at telling him so. Then you will receive an invitation to join our zoom session. The Zoom session will open 15 minutes before the game to allow socializing. During the game players will only see and be able to talk to the other players at their table. After the game there will be another short whole club meeting. For simplicity, Bob recommends to use a separate device such as an ipad or phone for the Zoom feature. Those facile with computers can run both BBO and Zoom on the same device by splitting the screen, but this is a level of complexity best left to individuals who know they can handle it.

Since the Zoom feature operates totally independently from the BBO games, players can opt out of the Zoom program without disturbing their game or anyone else’s.

There is an article about clubs using this feature in the July issue of the ACBL Bulletin on page 16.

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